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26thNC Artillery
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1st Jun 2014

Welcome to the 26thNC Artillery Forum.   Lead by DA_26thNC_A_LtCol_FroggyDA

1. Becoming artillery talking with FroggyDA  or any officer.
2. No racism at all and respect those on this group as we are a team with one goal.
3. Positions are assigned by FroggyDA .  Those there first will start being assigned spots.
4. If you are assigned loader be happy and support your main shooter every way possible.
5. If you are artillery train you shoot first rotation is up to your team leader- arty train.
6. Listen close to what I say as I can guide you to the enemy.
7. As a loader that ramrod is your life keep it safe. If loading and round drop the ramrod on the ground first incase you are hit in the middle of the loading. As the rest of your team will be able to use it after. When fighting melee use the ramrod it has a farther reach and if safe if you die. Remember if there is arty guards around let them engage the enemy first distract them from a safe distance if you need to for the guard to kill.
8.What is  expected when you spawn limber cannons move them quickly to the firing spot and get them loaded quickly as the first moments are the big kills at the spawns and artillery has not set defenses yet.
9. Our artillery is recorded for top of the list every artillery member making the first spot in any event is recorded is our team speak artillery channel.
10 . Who to fear the 26thNC artillery as we have put together some of the best shooters in this game and at times are asked to shoot at each other in events.
11. Company H only quickly earth works are to be placed 3 deep in front of the cannons to stop incoming cannon fire and second a cav square built to defend to artillery members from mass cav attacks. Also be aware if we say move the cannon is aiming at you move quickly so we don't miss a shot at the enemy or team kill you.
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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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